July construction crews continue to keep the target date of January 1, 2017 a reality. Kuddos to the crew! Click through the pictures above to see July’s construction progress. You’ll be happy to know…

✓ The privacy fence installation is almost done.
✓ Comfort stations are under construction.
✓ The pool and spa are cemented.
✓ The pavilion is framed and trusses are going up.
✓ Paver pads are being laid.
✓ The clubhouse exterior brickwork is done.
✓ The clubhouse drywall has begun.
✓ The lake is filling up.

Coming up next month…interior roads…the entry way…the turn lane…completion of the clubhouse drywall…the clubhouse exterior siding…tiling of the clubhouse bathrooms…installation of the clubhouse dropped ceiling…and yes, another exciting update!