June construction may help you imagine yourself lounging in the pool and spa. Reality is just around the corner! June construction kept the project on target and rolling along at a fast-pace. The construction site is now the buzz in Punta Gorda and gets curious visitors stopping by to find out what’s happening. In June:

✓ Sod was laid around the lake banks.
✓ The clubhouse roof is in place and shingling began.
✓ Window and door installs will be done next week.
✓ Interior studding is complete.
✓ The air conditioner installation is in progress.
✓ The swimming pool and spa are under construction.
✓ The front entrance opened up.
✓ Electricians are wiring the clubhouse.
✓ The clubhouse sprinkler system is installed.

Coming Up: We’ll break ground on the two comfort stations and the pavilion next week. Installation of the privacy fence along Jones Loop Road begins, after which, interior roads and paver pads will be laid.

Check out this quick video showing clubhouse construction…