The New Standard of RVing Program


If you would like to enjoy the benefits of owning a site in a rental environment and skip the hassles involved when purchasing and owning a site, this is the right program for you.

Save the costs for site acquisition, for site maintenance, for insurance, for HOA fees and also property taxes by signing up for Creekside’s new Standards of RVing.

Our new Casitas and Cabanas

Sign up for this new program and experience high end standards of RVing with our new included custom – built casitas and cabanas.

In the renderings below, there are two types of casitas and cabanas displayed. The type of casita and cabana will vary pending on site type and site size.


Our standard casita is approx. 12’x12’.


Our premium cabana is approx. 20’x12’ and includes cabinetry with a grill and a storage unit.

Program Financials

Rental rates and one-time non – refundable deposit vary per site type, please see the details in the table below:

The New Standard
Site TypePerimeterWatersidePremium
Monthly rental rate$975$1,145$1,275
One-time deposit$5,500$6,500$7,500

  • The above displayed rent rate includes taxes, WIFI, city water and 30/50 FHU site – it does not incl. costs of electricity and TV
  • Rent shall increase over rent for the prior year by an amount equal to the greater of (i) 3% over the rent amount for the prior year, or (ii) the increase in the national Consumer Price Index (All Urban Consumers) over the most recent 12 months of data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the time of the rent adjustment
  • All rent is subject to advance payment (we leave it up to you, whether you would like to pay the rent one year or quarterly or monthly in advance)
  • Your non – refundable one-time deposit will be split upon equal portions depending on the length of your contract and credited towards your yearly rent at the end of at the end of each year of your agreement term
  • Sub-leasing requires reservations through Creekside RV Resort office with a 60% and 40% split – 60% to TAG Creekside LLC and 40% to customer
Other important Terms

  • Choose whether you would like to sign up for a three to five-year rental agreement
  • Please be aware that this is an all year program and you rent (occupy, store or sublease) the site for 12 months a year in compliance with County zoning code: You shall be strictly limited to 180 days and you may not reestablish occupancy of the Site until at least 30 days following your departure.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elise or Rick at or call them at 941-833-3334.