Phase 2: Construction in Progress September

Phase II has progressed nicely since our last update.  The roads are in and the paver pads are being put down and electric pedestals are being installed on the sites.  Landscaping beds are marked out and some of the sod is going down as irrigation progresses. The...

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Phase 2: Construction in Progress July

June has been a busy month.  The roads are being graded and a base is being laid in preparation for the asphalt.   You can actually see Phase II taking shape where up to now most work was underground with pipes, grading and utility preparation. The comfort station is...

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Phase 2: Construction in Progress June

Here we are in June, already!  We have the main FPL (Florida Power & Light) lines being laid.  Construction on the Comfort Station is also underway.  The water and fire service lines should be laid next week.          ...

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Phase 2: Construction in Progress May

May 1st progress update on Phase II:  We have completed the installation of the sewer lines and we are now working on the storm drain lines and continue to import fill.  We will be breaking ground on the comfort station later this month along with starting the water...

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